Visit to Suessville

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A select Peasleburg delegation visited nearby Seussville, home to many wondrous sites.  Click on the photos for a larger view.

dwgears.jpg (195626 bytes)

Investigating Cause and Effect


On the way to Seussville, the Ambassador stopped to explore Physics. The official photographer couldn't resist.

dwwumpofgump.jpg (180437 bytes)

Meeting The Seven Hump Wump of Gump

The Ambassador inspects the Seussville Transportation Authority: The Seven Hump Wump of Gump (TSHWOG). Mayor Cat in the Hat looks on approvingly in the background

Borrowing The Cat in the Hat's Car 

(a.k.a. THE Car)


The Mayor of Seussville was kind enough to allow the male members of the delegation to borrow his car. At least one of the passengers isn't that fond of the Ambassador's driving prowess.

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