Peasleburg had the honor of hosting emissaries from related unique empires.  Place the cursor on photos for descriptions; click for a larger view.

Special Emissary Heidi and The First Lady of Jacobstowne Ariel, The Official Scholar ,smiles as her puerile beau, Dennis the Playful, uh, plays. The Mother of our Illustrious Leader (MIL) smiles The gathering was a comfortable, low key affair, where protocol was regularly ignored. The distinguished group, prepares for the coming frenzy. The ritual mess is well underway. The Illustrious Leader of Jacobstowne reposes for a photo. The First Lady of Jacobstowne looking quite stern indeed!

The depilated Scott the Gallant allows a rare photo.  Special Emissary Heidi and her very special assistant consider The Wise Men.



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