Jellyfish Resources

Note: See also the Ocean Resources

Resource Type Title/Author Comments Check Out Again? Rating
Book/Library Jellies, the Life of a Jellyfish; George, Twig C. Very, very nice. Good descriptions and pictures. This would even make a good bedtime story. Y 5
Book/Library Jellyfish (Naturebooks); Sharth, Sharon More in-depth than the above. They make good companions. Y 5
Book/Collection The Kingfisher First Animal Encyclopedia Our favorite animal reference; entry for:  Jellyfish    5
Craft Make a Jelly! (aka Jellyfish) This one was actually my three year-old's idea. It's simple, but it proved lots of fun Y 5
Craft Make a(nother) Jelly! (aka Jellyfish) Turn a plastic bag and some wax paper into a sea creature. Y 5
Field Trip Zoo and/or Aquarium I find it helpful to actually make at least two trips to the zoo/aquarium: one before and one near the end. The first peaks the boys interest and on the second they get to witness first-hand what they've been learning about. Y 5


Ratings: 5=Excellent, 4=Good, 3=Average, 2=Fair, 1=Poor

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