Pie Safe Expedition

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The Secretary for World Exploration makes his first excursion to the ancient Kingdom of the Pie Safe. He vows it won't be his last!  Click the photos for a larger view.

To boldly go where no man has gone before.... Click for a larger image.The Secretary with ancient artifact.  Click for a larger image.Ceremony is a favorite of The Secretary!  Click for a larger view.

Ah ha! A New Frontier.

The explorer boldly plunges head first into The Kingdom of Pie Safe. Bystanders report hearing him say, "ah, goo", which obviously is short for, "hey, look at all this neat stuff!"

A Fascinating Find

Using his vast archeological knowledge, the Secretary examines a relic. After a few moments of study, he proclaims it to be an artifact used in the bizarre Garlic Bread Ritual, part of the Spaghetti Ceremony.

Unique Entertainment

The Secretary takes part in an ancient Pie Safe ritual: "So What Does THIS Lid Fit?!", a time consuming and rather unsatisfying part of the nightly Leftovers Ceremony

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