Rocket Science

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The Secretary gets into the nuts and bolts of rocket science. Building a Saturn V rocket takes a lot of concentration and creativity. Resting is an important part of the preparation for launch.

Expanding his job function from The Secretary of World Exploration to Universe Exploration, The Secretary begins experimenting with spacecraft designs, much to the disdain of The Ambassador who wishes another truck be built to add to his fleet. The Secretary's current designs include a Saturn V Rocket and a concoction affectionately called the P-51-Mustang-Launcher-Space-Shuttle. Hover over the photos for more information; click to enlarge picture.

The Secretary simulates the sound of the Saturn V rocket burn. Constructing The Secretary's new design: a P-51-Mustang-Launcher-Space-Shuttle. The final seconds before launch of the P-51-Mustang-Launcher-Space-Shuttle. Can you feel the tension build?


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