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Frog Game

Play Factory
Play Restaurant
Signals Game

Play Restaurant -  Make a simple paper menu with prices. Give children an amount of play money. Allow them to order from the menu, keeping in mind the amount of money they have. Encourage them to try different combinations. For a sample breakfast menu (child has $5 to spend):

Waffles $3
Cereal $3
Milk $1
Raisins $1
Banana $1
Water FREE

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Signals Game - Have child stand 20-30 feet away facing you. Explain that when you turn the flash light on, the child is to start walking toward you; when you turn it off they stop. Discuss signals and different ways of communicating. Try the game in a darkened room and talk about lighthouses, how light helps us see and how the room is the same when the flashlight is off as when it's on.

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Play Factory

    eye droppers (old medicine droppers, well rinsed)

    plastic film canisters

    play syringes

    small plastic cups & bowls

    measuring spoons & cups

    tea strainers

    funnels, etc.

    lots of towels

    Provide assortment of above items or anything similar for child to play in water. We use the bathroom sink, but the bathtub or kitchen sink would both work well, too. Afterward, have the child help to wipe down area and put the towels in the proper place.

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Frog Game


birthday blowers

Children use the birthday blowers as frogs' tongues and try to "catch" (pop) the "flies" (bubbles). It's lots of fun and is good when a high energy activity is needed. 

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