Space Craft Study Resources

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Resource Type Title/Author Comments Check Out Again? Rating
Book/Library International Space Station; Branley, Franklyn M. Perfect. X 5
Book/Library Mission to Mars; Branley, Franklyn M., Kelley, True Puts the child in the book as the one taking the trip to Mars. Very nice. X 4
Book/Library Mission Control; Shearer, Deborah A. Very simple look at support roles on the ground; fills in a missing piece X 4
Book/Library Astronaut Living in space; Hayden, Kate Fictional tale of an astronaut's training and work in space X 4
Book/Library Astronauts; Picture Library; Barrett, N. S. Nice overview with real photos from space X 4
Video/Library How do they Build Spaceships?; Popular Mechanics Video, Hearst Broadcasting Publications Not really about how space ships are built, but still very nice.  X 5
Video/Library There goes a Spaceship; Kid Vision Yet another "Dave" video; nice information with just the right touch of silliness X 5
Television Program Popular Mechanics For Kids (PMK) "Spaceships" In general PMKs are great, albeit a bit busy. Real kids getting to explore space camp and other space sites.   5
Science Experiment Balloon Rocket Even if you don't "do" any of the science, it's a lot of fun and gets big squeals every time   5
Activity Build a Rocket Just plain fun, some scissors and gluing to do, lots of racing around making rocket noises   5
Toy International Space Station Model; K'nex Rated at 9+, this is a complex model; suitable for a family project with children who are VERY good at models; very cool.   5
Toy Lunar Rover; K'nex Manufacturer recommends age 8+, but my 4.5yo could build it with a bit of help snapping some pieces together   5
Movie International Space Station 3D; IMAX movie Absolutely fabulous.   5

Ratings: 5=Excellent, 4=Good, 3=Average, 2=Fair, 1=Poor