Michigan Resources

Resource Type Title/Author Comments Check Out Again? Rating
Book/Library Saw Mills and Sleigh Bells, Stories of Mid-Michigan Settlers; Peckham, Linda R. & Heuft, Lori Ellen Nice read-aloud stories with added learning goodies thrown in. Y 5
Book/Library The Big Dig; Gringhuis, Dirk A story of the archeology of Fort Michilimackinac circa 1968. Y 3
Book/Library Exploring Michigan A to Z; McConnel, David B. Good stories from A to Z. Includes 12 activities targeted at a 3rd-4th grade level Y 3
Book/Library A Little People's Beginning on Michigan; Parker, Deeter & McConnel Activity book. Targeted at a slightly older audience, perhaps grade 1-2. Hillsdale Educational Press   2
Book/Library M is for Mitten, A Michigan Alphabet; Appleford, Annie Nice simple stories about Michigan for each letter of the alphabet. Very nice illustrations Y 5
Book/Library Michigan, an illustrated history for children; Mitchell, John & Woodruff, Tom Starts off with the world as "a very scary place" with volcanoes & earthquakes, then leads into evolution, glaciers, mammals and then inhabitants of Michigan to modern day   2
Book/Library Mail by the Pail; Bergel, Colin Describes how mail is delivered to big ships on the Great Lakes; written by merchant marine deck officer Y 5
Book/Library Settling in Michigan, And other true pioneer stories; Deur, Lynne (retold by) Gently edited retelling of writings of Michigan pioneers; good read aloud stories Y 5
Book/Library The Great St. Lawrence Seaway; Gibbons, Gail Simple, complete and appropriate as expected from Gail Gibbons Y 5
Book/Library Michigan's Mackinac Island (Jody's Adventures); Arrathoon, Leigh & Davio, John This would be fabulous if it weren't for the terrible way the siblings treat each other. Brother & sister retell their family trip to Mackinac Island. N 3
Book/Library The real McCoy : the life of an African-American inventor; Towle,  Wendy ; Clay, Wil (illustrator) Story of a black American inventor; worked on a Michigan railroad; owned his own company Y 5
Book/Purchase A Place Called Home, Michigan's Mill Creek Story; Panagopoulos, Janie Lynn Purchased as a take-home book at Historic Mill Creek, it's historical fiction for children, wonderful illustrations. A keeper. Y 5
Magazine/Purchase Michigan History for Kids (alternate link here), Fall 2002 The British Very nice issue focusing on British rule in Michigan. Well done. Y 5
Field Trips Fort Mackinac; Colonial Michilimackinac; Historic Mill Creek; Greenfield Village; Charlton Park Village; Crossroads Village This is a very short list. There are so many good field trips to be made, it can easily span years. Y 5


Ratings: 5=Excellent, 4=Good, 3=Average, 2=Fair, 1=Poor