Music Resources

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Resource Type Title/Author Comments Check Out Again? Rating
Leap Pad Booklet Mother Goose Songbook Words and music to common children's song Y 4
Book/Library From Metal to Music; Davis, Wendy Simple photo essay from mining of copper ore to making instruments Y 4
Book/Library The Musical Life of Gustav Mole; Meyrick, Kathryn; Belling, Andrew Amazingly sweet tale of the life of Gustav who seeks and finds his musical gift & life. Be certain to also order the audio cassette  Y 5
Book/Library The Lost Music; Meyerick, Kathryn; Belling, Andrew Poor. Sad and poorly done.   1
Book/Library Mole Music; McPhail, David Wonderful tale of Mole who learns to play the violin & the effect it has on the world around him. The audio cassette to go with it is wonderful. Y 5
Book/Library Anatole and the Piano; Titus Eve Cute story about a mouse who wants a piano and receives one after doing a good deed. Y 5
Book/Library Lentil; McCloskey, Robert Great story of a boy who can't sing who learns to play the harmonica and rescues an otherwise embarrassing event Y 5
Activity/Craft Kazoo Make music with a  paper tube Y 4
Activity/Craft Paper Noise Maker Experiment with pitch Y 4


Ratings: 5=Excellent, 4=Good, 3=Average, 2=Fair, 1=Poor