Wright Brothers/Early Flight Unit Study

Resource Type Title/Author Comments Check Out Again? Rating
Book/Library Take Me Out to the Airfield: How the Wright Brothers Invented the Airplane; Quackenbush, Robert A bit too detailed for preschoolers as a picture book, but does work OK as a read-aloud book   2
Book/Library Wilbur and Orville and the Flying Machine; Wilbur and Orville and the Flying Machine; Marquardt, Max Fabulous book, well targeted toward small boys; good detail w/o being overwhelming; includes tie-in to space travel Y 5
Book/Library The Wright Brothers: A Flying Start; MacLeod Elizabeth A bit too much for preschoolers, even for read-aloud; good information more appropriate for beginning elementary   3
Book/Library Taking Flight: The Story of the Wright Brothers; Level 3 Reading Alone; Krensky, Stephen Nice detail for kids with more of an interest. Covers danger of first flight & Lilienthal.  Y 5
Book/Library Taking Flight, The Story  of the Wright Brothers (Ready-to-Read); Krensky, Stephen Nice read-aloud book with lots of good, relevant detail Y 5
Video/Library How are Airplanes Made?  Nicely done, very kid-friendly Y 5
Video/Library A Visit with the Wright Brothers; Silver Screen Video Presents Great Moments in History 5 Cheesy, hokey and containing very little information.   1
Book/Collection Airplanes and Other Things That Fly; Kelley, Steve From DaVinci & Greek myth through Early flight and  space travel; good highlights of various types of craft Y 5
Book/Purchase Helping the Wright Brothers: A Tale of First Flight Helpers; Tate, Suzanne True story of the Tate family who helped the Wrights in North Carolina. A bit confusing, but fun. Y 4
Activity/Toy Brio Builder Set or K'nex; build airplanes Various sets available, though none that I'm aware of that are specifically for building aircraft Y 5
Activity/Toy Build an airplane: Fred's Flying Models. Very nice rubber band airplanes.  Lots and lots of fun. The Michigan Butterfly makes a good starter kit. Y 5
Field Trip/Museum Aircraft museum: EAA, Airzoo, USAF; see also: Guide To Over 900 Aircraft Museums See various aircraft and components; some have displays that visitors can walk through; USAF & EAA museums both have very nice Wright Brothers exhibits Y 5
Field Trip Local airport See different kinds of aircraft; hear about how aircraft communicate with airport; control surfaces; watch them take-off/land Y 5

Ratings: 5= Excellent, 4= Good, 3=Average, 2=Fair, 1=Poor