Lighthouse Resources


Resource Type Title/Author Comments Check Out Again? Rating
Book/Library Beacons of Light, Lighthouses; Gibbons, Gail A bit of the explanations are beyond my 4yo, but I'm able to fill in the details he doesn't understand. Especially interesting is the inclusion of a nearby lighthouse X 4
Book/Library Lighthouse; Living in a Great Lakes Lighthouse, 1910-1040; O'Hara, Megan Written from accounts of children who grew up at a lighthouse on Lake Superior in Minnesota; very, very nice Y 5
Website Holland Harbor Lighthouse Michigan Great Lakes lighthouses; listing of those that are still active and ones open to the public   4
Craft/Activity Build a lighthouse Lots of possibilities. Use cardboard tube. Paint/color designs. Use construction paper for top.     
Demonstration Lighthouse Reflector Find a flashlight with a bulb that sticks up when the lens is removed. In a dark room, turn on the flashlight (with the lens removed). Notice how well you can see; how bright the light is; how much of the room is lit. Place a mirror "behind" the light. Notice how much brighter the light is; how much of the room is lit.    
Game Signals Game Lots of fun, much laughing   5

Ratings: 5=Excellent, 4=Good, 3=Average, 2=Fair, 1=Poor