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Peasleburg started out as our family's website, a place to put pictures of the children for family and friends, including internet friends, to see. To keep our children's names off the website, we gave them creative titles such as "The Ambassador" and "The Secretary". When the children were preschoolers, these gave the web mistress creative license to pun at will. Eventually, pictures of the adults made it onto the site so, of course, they needed titles, too. Although the kids have (somewhat) outgrown their original monikers, we've kept the theme for continuity. 

Because we are a home schooling family, over time we collected various bits of home schooling information, and the on-line version Peasleburg Academy was born. Not surprisingly it started out with home preschool information. Creative preschool art and other activities was a particular interest so it naturally became the original focus. As time passed (and the kids grew) so did the information on the site.



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