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 Welcome to Peasleburg!

You found us! This is our little corner of the "World-wide Web".  Fear not, we're a friendly lot, if not a bit odd. So, please click around and meet our VIPs (Very Interesting Peasleburgians).

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Recent Additions: 

  Wanna Waterpark? a Muldrovian Baptist adventure

Homeschool Finds Blog

    Build Like An (Ancient) Egyptian with The Ambassador

Consolidated Unit Studies Index
        Science Musings with Our Founder  
          Boogie Knight with Our Founder  

            2009 Aspire-ations with The Ambassador


              2010 Aspire-ations with The Secretary

Under Construction:

                2009 Aspire-ations with The Secretary

Muldrovian Baptists

                  REAL Cowboy Diplomacy, Part 1 with the Delegation

 Building Like An Egyptian

                    REAL Cowboy Diplomacy, Part 2 with the Delegation

Science Musings

                      Just Plain Salt with the Peasleburg Delegation

Gymnastics Adventures

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