Peasleburg Academy Unit Studies

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Sometimes we loosely follow themes or unit studies. The topics are selected either by the boys or myself. When I choose them, I select ones that I think the boys would like or ones that correspond with an upcoming event or holiday. For preschool or the earlier grades, we don't follow any rigid schedule or plan for how to use the resources. The younger unit studies are much more child-led; I make the resources available and we go from there. As the children got older, we introduced more structure.

Topic or Theme Preschool 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Airplane Resources X X X          
American Revolution X X X          
Ancient Egypt (updated 27 Nov 2010)         X X X X

Art Appreciation Resources

X X X X        
Asia Resources  INCOMPLETE X X X          
Bessie Coleman   X X X X        

Building Resources

X X X          

Butterfly Resources

X X X X        
Cars/Trucks: How They're Made & Work  X X X          
Christmas Resources X X X          
Columbus Day Resources X X X          
Crocodile Resources X X X          
Dinosaurs from a Christian Perspective   X X X X        
Firefighter Resources  INCOMPLETE X              
George Washington Resources   X X X X      

Growing Seed Resources

Hernán Cortés X X X X        
Japan Resources X X X X        
Jellyfish Resources X X X          
Knight Resources  INCOMPLETE X              
Komodo Dragon Resources X X X          
Lighthouse Resources X X X X        
Michigan Resources   X              
Mesopotamia *NEW*           X X X
Money Resources X              
Music Resources (General) X X X          
Niagara Falls X              
Ocean Resources   X X X X        
Orchestra/Opera Resources X X X X        
Paul Revere X              
Periodic Table of Elements *NEW*           X X X
Pirate Resources X              
Robins  INCOMPLETE X              
Space & Planets Resources X              
Spacecraft Resources X              
United States Resources X X X X X      
United States (updated 27 Nov 2010)         X X X X
Underground Railroad Resources **under construction**   X X          
Volcano Resources   X X X X X      
White House Resources **under construction**   X X          
Wright Brothers/Early Flight Resources X X X X X      
Multi-use Resources         X X X X

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