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There's no need to be too serious or formal with preschool. It's a time for fun and exploration. Be creative. Use the low-cost and free resources around you. Visit the library, the post office, the bakery, a farmers' market, construction sites, etc. Look for letters and numbers in the grocery store. Compare the colors and sizes of fruits and vegetables.

Fun Field Trips Homeschooling doesn't have to happen at home. And, field trips don't have to be costly, ultra-planned group activities. There's plenty of fun learning to be done easily and for free.

Preschool Art

You'll find some of our favorite fun here.  

Preschool Science Easy, visual and/or hands-on science for preschoolers

Resource Study Sheets

Preschool unit studies/themes we've explored.  

Snacking Fun

Got the snack doldrums? Try something new!

Stuff To Do Fun and educational activities for preschoolers.
Holiday Celebrations Celebrations and family traditions are important. 

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