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July 2013 - This page is still under construction.

Homeschooling Upper Elementary has proven to be just as much fun as the earlier years. There's so much to be explored and experienced. Please visit the links below and then come back later to see what's new.

Language Arts (Spelling, Grammar, Vocabulary)

A Reason for Spelling


English From the Roots Up

Reading Lists Both read aloud and for the child to read, emphasis on literature appropriate for Christian boys ** coming soon ** (January 2011)

Grammar & Writing

WordSmith Science

Periodic Table Unit Study

TOPS Learning Systems (external link)

Latin Rosetta Stone (external link) Music ** coming soon ** (December 2010)


USA Unit Study

Ancient Egypt Unit Study

Mesopotamia Unit Study

Ancient Greece Unit Study

Ancient Rome Unit Study

Pseudo Unit Studies We use these pseudo-unit studies for a bit of variety and change of pace. We tend to alternate between history/cultural-based studies and science-based studies, both of which contain tie-ins to the other major discipline. Some of the studies are basically reading lists; some include a much wider variety of resources. 


Singapore Math Money Management There's no beating Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Junior (external link)


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