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Crocodiles: Resources for Preschoolers

When the young Peasleburgians were little, I started doing themes with them. I’d request books from the library, look online for crafts, try to find videos or TV programs that fit the theme, and maybe even come up with a fun fieldtrip. Much of it followed their interests, but I’d also include themes that I thought they’d find interesting. I started putting the resources I used in these themes into lists and the Resource Sheets were born.

This is a sample of a Resource Sheet from the old Peasleburg Academy section of the website. Some are robust enough to be a unit study. When I could find them online I included links for books, videos, toys, etc. to Amazon. I’m surprised many of the childrens books are still available, many at very reasonable prices. (We do not participate with Amazon referrer programs.) Other links for recipes, crafts, museums, etc. are either to other pages on the old website or helpful external resources.

As of right now, to open any of the linked resources you’ll need to right click on the link to open it in a new window. I’m still working out the kinks. There are broken links. My apologies. I’ve yet to decide how much maintenance I will do on the old website. I’ve toyed with converting it into WordPress in some form. I’m still on the fence. Obviously this method of embedding the old webpage in a blog post has serious drawbacks. The major factors in favor of embedding are speed and removing the need to code and/or rebuild the tables in some other form.

Another kink is obviously the scrolling. I’ve found I can use a browser’s zoom function to get the entire embedded webpage to display without needing to scroll. I’ve not found a way to get it to resize on its own (yet?). I’m always open to suggestions.

So, as of now, without further ado, here’s a sample of the old website: Crocodile Resources for Preschoolers.

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